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The Southwest Florida Young Anglers’ Society

Members and Friends,

The Southwest Florida Young Anglers' Society members will forego a September meeting.   Given the recent hurricanes to strike our area, impacting school and extra curricular activities trying to get started, compounded by parents' working hard in preparations and clean-up, I feel it is best to forego a fishing trip for September. We are so late into the month already and the hurricane threat has really taken up a lot of time in preparations and cleanup. Not to mention the damage caused to local beaches and coastal islands. The salt water is full of fresh water and fresh water estuaries are overflowing. I believe we might choose to visit Wiggins Pass State Park early October when everything gets a little more back to normal. I would like to choose a date and time by popular vote and will announce it to everyone once I have heard from the participating members.

In the meantime, please reflect on our good fortune having our area mostly missed and do not forget to help and pray for our neighbors who were not as fortunate. In that spirit, I would like to forward a message sent to me from Governor Jeb Bush. During several visits to the area I have seen the devastation in Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte first hand. A friend of mine lives in Harbor Heights on the Peace River. His home, among many others, was destroyed. He and his family are picking up the pieces and rebuilding as are the others. We all can help in some way. If we all do a little, much can be done.

Please, read the "Flash News" and respond ASAP.  Our next meeting in October 2004, will be announced.

See ya'll there!

Visit our web site at by-the-sea.org and click on the "SWFYAS" icon.

The October meeting will be announced  Please, read the "Flash News".

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