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The Southwest Florida Young Anglers’ Society

Members and Friends,

The SW Florida Young Anglers' Society held it's March Fishing Trip at Lakes Park in South Lee County. Everyone met and talked as we prepared terminal tackle to target specific species. The targets: Florida Large Mouth Bass, Bluegill, Freshwater Catfish, and the ever elusive Freshwater Snook! Snook were seen, but none caught. Neither were any Catfish, however as the attached pictures can attest a fair amount of Bass were caught and released. The members who attended the September trip to Lakes Park remembered some previous 'spots' that proved to be productive this time as well!

The members present all decided to go Salt Water Fishing. The location needs to be decided. Locations yet to be fished include Sanibel Causeway Island, The Naples Pier, Dog Beach & New Pass. Please email me your suggestions of location. I will tally the votes and announce the decision of the members on Saturday, 03/27/04.

UPDATE (04-28-04)

It has been decided by majority vote the SW Florida Young Anglers' Society will hold its' next fishing trip on Sanibel Island on April 24th. I would suggest we meet on the 2nd causeway island on the left side near just before the last bridge to Sanibel Island at 9am. We can organize there. There is no parking fee, however most others areas on Sanibel require parking fees. There will be an incoming tide until 3pm and the fishing should be great!!

See ya'll there!

Visit our web site at by-the-sea.org and click on the "SWFYAS" icon.

The April meeting will be at Sanibel Island on Saturday, April. 24th, 2004 at 8 AM. 

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Some of Our Young Anglers

Nice Catch
Nice Catch

One of the younger members with a bass
One of the younger members with a bass

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