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John  John'sPage:    1982 - Corvette Sting Ray

image  Ray'sPage1:   1984 - Jeep Cherokee, 4 Cyl (2.5L)

image  Ray'sPage2:   1986 - Jeep Wagoneer Limited, V6 (2.6L)

image  Ray'sPage3:   1975 - Mercedes-Benz 450SEL, V8 (4.5L)


1998 Pontiac Trans Am, LS1 (C5-V8)

image  Ray'sPage4:      70-1/2 TRANS AM w/RA IV$7 (Functional Ram Air Package)
image  Ray'sPage5: 1997 GMC SIERRA K1500 CLUB COUPE SLE 4-WD OFF-ROAD Z71

image  Ron and Ellen's:      1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Convertible V8 (350 cid)

image  Photo Credits:   Pontiac Motor Div., GM Corp.
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